THE MUSIC of Jean "Django" Reinhardt & Thelonious "Sphere" Monk


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Micro — A "Rhythm" changes tune by Django


Little Rootie Tootie — an even more eccentric "Rhythm changes" by Monk


Place de Bouckère — a unique blues form also by Django


Baltic Blues — a Monk-ish blues by violinist, Kit Eakle


Swing 48 — a minor blues by Django






Other tunes on the cd:


Anouman 'Round Midnight — a mash-up of Monk and Django


Duke and Dukie — a Django bop tune


Babik — a Django tune to "rhythm changes" named for his son


Djangology — early Django experiment with truncated bridge


Boo Boo's Birthday — a Monk experiment with truncated last A and bridge in celebration of his daughter's birthday


Diminushing — a Django tune you'd swear was by Monk!


Little Rootie Tootie - another Monk tune for his daughter evoking "Little Toot, " a kids storybook


Bright Mississippi — Monk's take on "Sweet Georgia Brown" changes


Chump Change by guitarist Mark Holzinger


Maybe It's the Moon - Holzinger




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