Part of the mission of  DJANGOSPHERE is to involve a wide variety of musicians in connecting to the music of Monk and Django...' to that end the following players have been involved and performed for the project...

The upcoming Lighthouse perfomance in Nanaimo will feature young guitarist

Astrid Lyre, guitar, Brock Meades, bass, and James McRae, drums

The recent (June 10, 2018) DjangoSphere concert at Frankie's Jazz Club in Vancouver featured:

Paul Pigat, guitar ; Michael Dunn, guitar ; and Brent Gubbels, bass


In 2017 at Pat's Pub in Vancouver the personnel included

Chris Sigerson, piano, Mili Hong ,drums and Sydney Tough, bass


In 2016 at Point Richmnd Jazz, the project added a cellist with:

Lewis Patzner, cello ; and Simon Planting, bass in addition to Mark Holzinger, guitar and John Waller, drums

contact info:

phone 415-419-7090